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The Black Cat Market is all about cats, coffee, and community.

Part Cafe/Part Adoption Center!

Cat cafes, originating in Taiwan and Japan, are becoming incredibly popular throughout the United States. A cat cafe is exactly what it sounds like: a coffee shop where you can interact with and enjoy the company of cats! This is good for both the customers and the cats. Cat's purring and energy promote healing, healthy blood pressure, and help lower anxiety. Allowing the cats to interact with humans helps them learn socialization skills and prepare for their fur-ever homes. Everybody wins!

The Cats

At The Black Cat Market, we have a specialized room, separate from the serving area, for our customers to visit our cat colony. This room has cozy furniture for people and cats, as well as some enrichment toys for the kitties, making it the perfect place for you to interact with our cats. Every cat is adoptable via Frankie's Friends, who rescue their kitties from hoarding, abandonment, and other dangers . If you find yourself falling in love with one of our kitties, you can apply to adopt them on the spot!

cat decoration

The Community

One of our main missions with The Black Cat Market is to act as a community gathering place. Not only do we provide a comfortable environment for people to work, read, study, and relax, we host many other events as well. Book clubs, poetry readings, art shows, yoga classes with cats, pet therapy sessions, and more will all be on our schedule! Have a suggestion for an event? Feel free to contact us with details!

Also, at this time, we have a little library bookshelf where people can donate books or take books home for free! We are also a drop-off and pick-up location for Livy's Library which aims to spread literacy, foster imagination, and encourage confidence in Pittsburgh area children by providing them with free books every month.

We also lend our space every other Sunday from 12 pm-2 pm to the Western PA Unemployed Council so they can provide unemployment filing help, give out free meals to those in need, focus on their Anti-Eviction Defense Network, and more!